iCandy was launched in 2012, it is a platform for information dissemination and promoting U-wide events across campus. There are 21 iCandy displays installed at different locations around Kowloon Tong campus. The platform displays Events/activities footage, Students showreels, University news and events and real-time rolling news feed.


Guidelines for Content Dissemination via iCandy


  - Event /programme promotions
  - University news and announcements
  - Daily inspirational messages
  - Image building initiatives
  - Events/activities footage
  - Student show reels
  - Documentaries

  - Mostly 30 seconds to 2 min; longer footage may also be accepted

Broadcast Period
  - A maximum of three months for all videos; justifications are required if the period is longer than three months

Content guidelines
  - Lawful
  - HKBU-related
  - In line with the image of the University
  - Proper use of language
  - No portrayal of sex, obscenity, crime and violence
  - Accurate, fair and impartial
  - No infringement of Intellectual Property
  - Videos in English should carry subtitles in traditional Chinese, while videos in Chinese should carry subtitles in English

Technical Specifications
  - In video format, MPEG2, MPEG4 and AVI, with resolution 1920 x 1080
  - In audio level:
    - Stereo audio must be fully mono compatible.
    - The audio mix should also be well balanced and equalized, with dialogue and narration clearly able to be heard.
    - Assuming a reference level of 0VU = -20 dBFS, peak audio may not rise above -10 dBFS at any point in the program
  - Applicant is responsible for production of the video

Priority of display
  - U-wide events, messages and announcements
  - Image building activities
  - Faculty/School/Office based messages/documentary video
  - Campus life/students’ show reels
  - Documentaries

Duration of board casting
  Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm
  Saturday: 8:00am - 1:00pm
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Off

Running Text
  - Weather broadcast - Live weather information from HK Observatory
  - Local News Headline - News feed from Information Provider
  - Current Time
  - Today’s events

Only Faculties/Schools/Departments and Administrative Offices can submit their contents to the working group via an e-form with the displayed content at least one week prior to the broadcast date. The Secretary of the Working Group will circulate the collected application once a month on the Monday of the second week for members' endorsement. Meetings may be held to discuss the applications if members cannot reach a consensus by circulation.

Head of the Unit whose proposed work has been rejected could appeal directly to the Chairman of the Working Group in Writing. Meetings may be held to handle the appeal and a written reply will be made to the respective Unit.

Locations of iCandy

Ho Sin Hang Campus

Sir Run Run Shaw Building (RRS)
- 2/F Lift Lobby

Cha Chi-ming Science Tower (SCT)
- 5/F Lift Lobby (2 sets)

Fong Shu Chuen Library (FSC)
- 6/F Learning Commons

Oen Hall Building (OEM)
- 6/F Pedestrian Entrance

SHAW Campus

Shaw Tower (SWT)
- 3/F Lift Lobby

Au Shue Hung Memorial Library (AML)
- Lbrary Main Entrance (2x2 Video Wall)

David C Lam Building (DLB)
- 1/F Lift Lobby
- Li Promenade (4x4 Video Wall)

BU Road Campus

Academic and Administration Building (AAB)
- G/F Lift Lobby (Lift #1-4) (2 sets)
- G/F Lift Lobby (Lift #5-8) (2 sets)
- 3/F Lift Lobby (Lift #1-4) (2 sets)
- 5/F Canteen

Madam Chan Wu Wan Wan Kwai SCE Tower (SCE)
- G/F Lift Lobby

Jockey Club School of Chinese Medicine Building (SCM)
- G/F Lift Lobby

Information Kiosk


Information kiosk was launched in 2016, it provides the latest events and news about the University to the public and assists visitors to find locations of amenities, buildings, faculties, offices and transportation.



Locations of Information Kiosk

Ho Sin Hang Campus

Fong Shu Chuen Library 1/F

Oen Hall Building 6/F

SHAW Campus

Shaw Tower 3/F

Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies 1/F

Lam Woo International Conference Centre 1/F

BU Road Campus

Academic and Administration Building 1/F

Communication and Visual Arts Building 1/F